MDDT Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law

MDDT Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law

Engaging Youths in Democratic Processes

An inhouse research carried out MDDT Cameroon falls in line with popular writings and political opinions that young Cameroons have demonstrated disinterestedness in the democratic process and elections across the ten (10) regions of Cameroon. This is reflective in the low youth representation in Municipal Councils, Parliament or high-ranking positions in political parties. The de   Considering the lack of participation of the Cameroonian Youth in elections.

MDDT therefore runs campaigns such as the “Not Too Young To Vote Campaign” engaging youth organizations to create safe spaces to sensitize and engage youths in voting and running for elections. This maximizes digital platforms to mobilize youths to vote, sensitize youths on upcoming elections and registration processes. It aims at making voting days less tensed and recreative for youths to stay patient on voting ground for the long voting hours.

Mobilizing Political Parties to Engage Youths

Political parties have done very little to leverage the potential of the Cameroonian youth. Only few youths have mustered the courage to run for elections or stand at the forefront of sensitization. The role of political parties is Vital and MDDT’s programing ensures training of political parties on youth friendly measures and utilizing digital platforms in engaging and sensitizing youths.

Most importantly it holds meetings and round table sessions with party officials to integrate a percentage of youths in party hierarchy, election primaries and election representatives.

Promoting Good Governance and the Rule of Law

MDDT Cameroon is utilizing a Human Rights Based approach in the promotion of the tenets of democracy and good governance. MDDT rates corruption in Cameroon as a canker work corroding the rule of law and good governance.

MDDT Cameroon’s programing leverages avenues for sensitization on the above ills and mobilizes CSOs, corporations, schools and state institutions to be strict and firm educating on bribery and corruption and punishing perpetrators in line with the rule of law.